About Majed Abu Sharar Media Foundation (MASMF)

Who we are?

The Majed Abu Sharar Media Foundation was established as a non-governmental organization in 2014 in Beirut, Lebanon. Its mandate consists of empowering young Palestinians in the media field especially those who live in refugee camps and gatherings in Lebanon, and the surrounding countries and those who live under Israeli occupation.


Why Media Empowerment?


  • To give the youth the voice and capacity to convey their stories themselves in a professional and objective manner away from stereotypes of the mainstream media.
  • Build a new generation of refugees skilled in the media field to work on changing the image of Palestinian refugees in refugee camps and elsewhere to break the numerous stereotypes that surround them and their places of residence.
  • Teach the Palestinian youth how to address the western media and audience in a language they understand in order to better present themselves and their just cause.
  • Be able to highlight the numerous positive initiatives (individual or small-scale) taking place in their respective communities in order to mobilize attention and possibly generate funding for their projects from different donors.
  • Transform the Palestinian youth from mere observers to actual doers who will be able to benefit from their newly acquired journalistic skills to convey the news rather than just receive the news.
  • To fill an existing gap in this field knowing that none of the NGOs working in the Palestinian camps and gatherings in Lebanon offer specialized journalism empowerment to the youth.
  • Develop a vibrant web magazine run and produced by the Palestinian youth themselves. The magazine will be the youth’s window into the outside world, through which they will present credible and professional news tackling issues pertaining to their communities.